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ScoopFree {Spoil Your Family Review + Giveaway #64}


Welcome to the Spoil Your Family Summer Giveaway Event being hosted by Annette from Annette Funnyjello and myself. Today’s sponsors are all about spoiling our pets. Our first sponsor is ScoopFree. Be sure to visit Annette’s blog for a second chance to win the same prize being offered here.

Now that you’ve read Annette’s review on the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Oh, you haven’t yet? Check it out here.

Ok…now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you how this product worked for our family. Let me start by saying that we have two cats, Zoe and Jasmine and they are both indoor cats and both use the litter box many times throughout the day. Let me just say that this litter box is perfect for our fur babies.

ScoopFree® is the self-cleaning litter box you can leave alone for weeks at a time. It is the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays to provide hands-off convenience and unbeatable odor control.

ScoopFree Ultra offers 3 additional features for the ultimate in cat care: A privacy hood, an adjustable rake delay, and a health counter.

Watch the video below for a better idea of how this amazing litter box works. It’s super cool. I love technology these days!

While the prices for trays seems expensive, you’re actually saving money because you don’t need to change the litter box as often. We can go up to 15 days without changing the litter box tray. If you only have one cat (especially an indoor/outdoor cat like Annette), you could save unimaginable amounts of money by switching. It may seem like a lot of money to invest up front…but for us it’s been worth it.

My favorite features of this litter box is for one, the privacy hood. My girls don’t have to show us their business while their doing theirs. It’s a considerate addition. I also love the smell of the tray refills, very fresh. And of course, being able to choose how long the system rakes the litter box after the girls go to the bathroom is also a big plus for us...READ MORE

Delta Faucet {Spoil Your Family Review + Giveaway #63}


Welcome to the Spoil Your Family Summer Giveaway Event being hosted by Annette from Annette Funnyjello and myself. Today’s sponsor is Delta Faucet. Be sure to visit Annette’s blog for another chance to win the same prize being offered here. Make sure you read her review too. I am in love with the kitchen faucet she received.

“At Delta® faucet, we believe that there are better ways to experience water. This conviction goes beyond excellent design to incorporate smart thinking that anticipates people’s needs. Our technologies include MagnaTite® magnetic docking spray wands that stay in place, to Touch20® Technology faucets turned on or off with just a touch making life easier when hands are messy, to DIAMOND™ Seal Technology valves that help the faucet last up to 5 million uses-Delta® faucets incorporate thoughtful features that delight the customer. When paired with beautiful, inspirational design, it’s easy to understand why Delta® is more than just a faucet.”

I received the Dryden Two Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet in Chrome (photographed above), which retails for just over $300. This beautiful faucet replaced one of the ugliest and oldest faucets I’ve ever seen. It was gold and had nasty wooden and gold handles. I despise gold to begin with but this faucet was a huge eye sore.

* The clean, geometric lines of the Dryden™ line are reminiscent of the Art Deco period of the 1920′s and 30′s
* The Dryden collection offers a full complement of coordinating products to create the perfect look.
* Two handle operation for better control
* Features water efficient aerator
* Available in chrome, Aged Pewter, Brilliance® Stainless or Venetian Bronze®
* Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty

Overall, this faucet is affordable for it’s beautiful and modern design. It wasn’t a difficult faucet for my husband to install. And it works great! I love my new faucet. Most importantly, did I mention its gorgeous? I’m so glad we were able to replace that old piece of junk faucet.

Delta also offers kitchen faucets, like the one Annette reviewed, which I have been drooling over. They also sell some shower heads that look amazing...READ MORE

Simplehuman {Spoil Your Family Review #62}


Welcome to the Spoil Your Family Summer Giveaway Event being hosted by Annette from Annette Funnyjello and myself. Today’s sponsor is simplehuman. Be sure to visit Annette’s blog to read her review of the same item I received.

We all have daily tasks we want to do faster, things that take up too much space, and projects we want to organize. simplehuman is committed to designing products that help efficiently achieve these goals.

I love the simplehuman products…all of them. I would purchase them all if I could. A few of their trashcans were on our wedding registry and I would have added other products of theirs if Target and Wal-Mart sold them.

I received the Sensor Pump to review. Here is a description of that product:

The sensor pump dispenses soap touch-free to help avoid the spread of germs. Simply place your hand under the sensor to dispense soap automatically. An intuitive LED display lights up when the sensor is activated. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included).

We placed this soap dispenser in our half-bath downstairs for all company to use. It is the perfect place for it, in my opinion and we have received many compliments on it. My only complaint is that it take FOUR AA batteries, that’s a lot of batteries! They do, however, seem to last a while. We haven’t had to replace them yet.

We actually have lotion in our dispenser but plan on putting soap in it soon. I like the fact that you don’t have to touch the dispenser in order to get the soap out (or lotion…or dish soap for that matter if you choose to put the dispenser in your kitchen). It automatically dispenses the perfect amount of liquid and you’re not risking getting someone’s filthy hand germs. Great invention!

This soap pump retails for $29.99 and comes in black or white. Thank you very much, simplehuman, for this fantastic review opportunity. It also available on simplehuman’s Amazon store if you have gift cards or free shipping there.

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Disclosure: simplehuman provided me with product(s) to review for this post. All opinions expressed about the company are 100% mine.

Hard Candy {Spoil Your Family Review + Giveaway #61}


Welcome to the Spoil Your Family Summer Giveaway Event being hosted by Annette from Annette Funnyjello and myself. Today’s sponsor is Hard Candy. Be sure to visit Annette’s blog for a chance to win the same prize being offered here.

I’ve seen Hard Candy cosmetics around for years, but I can’t recall ever using any of the products until now. I think I’m really rough with cosmetics (or my two year old is) because everything I received from the company has wound up broken in one way or another…except for the nail polish I received.

I received the Just Nails with Ring nail polish in the color Splendid (a cute, summery yellow shade). My favorite thing about this nail polish is that it comes with a matching plastic fashion ring. A picture of me wearing the ring is below.

I also received the Blush Crush Baked Blush in Honeymoon. I love the name of this shade. It reminds me of a song I love called Honey & the Moon. Most people would just be reminded of the vacation newlyweds have after their wedding. Unfortunately, this blush is crumbled in its palette and makes a mess every time I open it now. Thankfully, I can still use it. It just provides a light pink very subtle shimmer for your cheeks.

Lastly, I received a great eyeliner from Hard Candy. It is a Take Me Out Glitter Eye Liner in a dark green shade called Money. While I don’t have a reason to wear green eyeliner very often, it is a fun color to use and really shows off my green eyes...READ MORE