{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – Fourth of July Fireworks Finale

Wordless Wednesday

I opted to go with video…

My mom and I took Leland to see his first firework show on the Fourth of July. This is the grand finale. You get to see his reaction and hear my mom narrate. lol. Enjoy!

Wordless Wednesday – Quit Telling Me He Looks Like His Dad!


{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – The Stuffed Animal Massacre of 2010

You want an explanation, don’t you? We just moved into a new townhouse last week and Leland has this cool shelf that goes around his entire room. I thought it would look neat to put his stuffed animals up there, since he has a ton of them. The only thing is it’s really high up and I was the only one around to do it, so I just started throwing them and however they landed is how they stayed.

Instead of giving my kid a cute room, I may have given him nightmares instead. Good thing he’s not even two yet and doesn’t grasp the idea of death, or else he may realize that it appears as though all of his favorite characters have been gunned down. Oops!

Wordless Wednesday – New Glasses

Wordless Wednesday

Hi, I’m Leland and this is my “Mommy, I’m serious. Get the camera out of my face.” look.

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