My Money Saving Zenni Optical Experience

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks ago, I heard about a new site (new to me anyway) where you can purchase your prescription eye glasses online. I had heard of similar sites, but I was very skeptical of the outcome. My thought process being, “What if the glasses look horrible on me? I can’t try them on via internet.” and “What if my prescription comes out wonky and it’s a waste of my time and money?”

Well, I gave it a shot and it was the complete opposite. I received my new glasses from Zenni Optical a few days ago, just a couple weeks after purchasing glasses from my eye doctor. Not only are my Zenni Optical glasses MUCH cheaper (They were only $8, compared to the $150 I paid on my other two pairs of glasses) but they also came with one thing those glasses did not, a cleaning cloth. I’m easy to impress. That cleaning cloth is rocking my world. My glasses also came with a case for safe-keeping. These glasses look amazing on me, if I do say so myself and I can see clearly with them which is really the most important thing.

Ordering from the site was SUPER EASY! It only took approximately 4 minutes. You can view the ordering process for yourself in my video below (Please excuse the shoddy camera skills. In my defense, its really difficult to type and record simultaneously). Waiting for the glasses to arrive, however, was a different story. It did take about two weeks and in that aspect, I wish there were a faster shipping option…but because I already had two pairs of glasses it wasn’t an issue for me.

A couple of other suggestions for Zenni Optical would be to implement an option on the site that allows you to upload a picture of yourself so you can see what the glasses look like on you before purchasing them. I was lucky that my glasses look gorgeous, but other people may not be so lucky. The color of my glasses was also a bit off from the web site’s picture. My glasses look closer to red in person where as the site depicts it as pink…but I am still super happy with them! I actually prefer this shade, but again others may not.

I would definitely order from Zenni Optical again in the future and actually plan to as soon as Ben receives his eye glasses prescription from his doctor. Below are some picture of me in my new glasses (Leland decided he wanted to be a part of my photo shoot. lol.)

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2 Responses to “My Money Saving Zenni Optical Experience”

  1. 1
    Amber G says:

    You look so cute in your glasses!! Thanks for posting photos and the review.

  2. 2
    Stephanie says:

    Cool glasses! I will have to tell my sister about this one.

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